Competition Time!

We are primed for competitions for both guard and drumline.  Practices and day camps continue (check the calendar). Volunteers will be needed for our hosted competiton on Feb. 3, so keep an eye out for the email. Check out the new gear in the store and early spectator passes for our competition.

Thanks for all you do for the kids,



Fantastic Fall Season

The game last night brings a close to the fall season for us.  The kids were a little chilly but, hopefully, enjoyed the game and played well. I’d like to thank all of the parents who helped out this year with food, pit crew, bus chaperone, first aid, and so much more. We couldn’t have done it without all of your support.

Tryouts are underway for the Winter Season and we should have 2 great groups of young men and women stretching their marching skillset with indoor competition. There will be many more opportunities to volunteer during these events so keep your eyes and ears posted.

Thanks again as always,



Band Camp Time

It’s here! Make sure the kiddos get plenty of sleep for tomorrow. Large water bottle, good shoes, proper summer attire, brimmed hat, and a good attitude are a must.

Thank you to all the parents who prepped today. The grill and food are ready to go. Generator, gator, and a lot of clean up are done. More to come! If anyone is interested in helping clean and organize the uniform room, I believe that will be going on in the afternoon/evening hours. We still need First Aid volunteers and may need some additional water chaperone slots filled.

I’ll be at the band room at various points during the day to get info for Charms accounts that still need created, and answer any questions that we still have lingering.  Looking forward to a great week 1.




Band Camp Approaching!

Students pick up your instruments a bit so you’re ready to go because it’s going to be a great show this year.

Parents will have several opportunities to assist with projects while band camp is going on.  Additionally, we’ll be needing a first aid chaperone (FA/EMT/RN/MD/etc.) and a water chaperone for the camp itself. First aid chaperone will need to have completed their Tier 3 with the county prior to camp. For the first week, we will also need servers for dinner. For the second week, some assistance will be needed for both lunch and dinner. But, beyond those specifically kid related needs, we will be cleaning/organizing/preparing for the year in the uniform room, the food storage area, the booster room, and trailers.  Those parents do not have to have their badge, just a will to help out.

Any parent wanting to volunteer should get their Tier 3 paperwork started now to have their badge before the trips start.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to this first parade due to the logistics. We apologize if we created any inconvenience but felt that the added stress on the kids to be prepared for a good showing was not feasible at this time.

Thanks for all you do,


SCGC Ad Sales

SCGC is right around the corner. This event will bring thousands of spectators, participants, and staff to IHS on February 18th. Programs typically sell out and here’s your chance to advertise your business or service. Check out the link below for details on our different package offerings starting at $40.

Find an IHS band member or order online today!


Ad Sales for SCGC

Winter Show at IHS!

We are honored again this year to be asked to host an SCGC event. This Winterguard, Winter Drumline, and Winter Woodwinds contest is our biggest one yet.

Join us on February 18th to see what all of the excitement is about!

If you are a vendor or know of a vendor who might be a good fit for our show, please reach out to Amy Atkin at

Indy Pride

14492626_10211025314857102_128482451916063171_nThe uniforms have arrived.

Thank you to the community, parents, and students for your hard work and generous donations. If you haven’t seen the Indy Band in their new uniforms, we invite you to do so. Just check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Photo Credit: Kim LaPaglia

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