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All About the Independence Marching Band

Together, we can create a positive impact through the power of music.

We are passionate about providing high-quality music education to every child, promoting well-rounded education, social-emotional growth, and equity.


Music education is indispensable for a well-rounded education, nurturing life skills, decision-making capabilities, and a love for learning. As an essential element of a balanced curriculum, it significantly contributes to holistic student development.


Tyler Dieterich, Director of Bands

Meet Mr. Dieterich, the dedicated head band director at Independence High School. With a rich background in education, he brought his passion for music to various institutions, including Cocke County High School and Powell High School in East TN, before joining the Independence family in 2017.

Under Mr. Dieterich's leadership, the Independence Band has experienced remarkable growth year after year. Their commitment to excellence has led to receiving both Excellent and Superior ratings at Concert Performance Assessment. Notably, the Indy Band clinched the prestigious UCA Game Day Live National Champion title two years in a row ('21 & '22), showcasing their exceptional talent and unity.


Beyond the world of music, Mr. Dieterich is an active member of MTSBOA and TBA, demonstrating his dedication to fostering a thriving musical community. While his professional achievements are inspiring, his most cherished roles are being a loving husband to Katie and a devoted father, playing a pivotal part in raising their daughter, Charlotte.

David Grayson, Assistant Director of Bands

Allow us to introduce Mr. David Grayson, the dedicated Assistant Director of Bands at Independence High School. Hailing from the charming city of Franklin, Tennessee, he proudly calls this region home. His musical journey led him to earn a Bachelor of Music Education from the esteemed Lipscomb University.

Before joining the Independence team, Mr. Grayson made a significant impact as the Director of Bands at Jo Byrns High School in Cedar Hill, TN. His expertise and passion for nurturing musical talent have left a lasting mark on the students with whom he has worked.


In addition to his role at Independence, Mr. Grayson is an active participant in the musical community as a member of both MTSBOA and TBA. His commitment to collaboration and growth showcases his dedication to fostering a vibrant musical environment.


Through his journey, Mr. Grayson exemplifies the power of music education and its ability to shape lives. His expertise and contributions are integral to the success of the Independence Band, resonating far beyond the school walls.

Haley Santilli, Guard Director

Introducing Haley Santilli, our color guard coach. With a passion for music, performance, and education, Haley brings a unique energy to our band community.

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from MTSU, Haley's academic foundation is complemented by her experience and commitment to artistic excellence. As an instructor and coach, she empowers our performers to shine on the field and stage, bringing captivating visual experiences to life.

While pursuing her paralegal certification at the National Paralegal College, Haley's heart remains firmly in the world of music and performance. Her guidance and expertise enrich the Independence Band family, inspiring creativity and fostering a strong connection between the performers and their art.

David King, Director of Percussion

Introducing Andrew King, our Percussion Director, a passionate music educator dedicated to sharing his love for music with others. Hailing from Hickory, NC, Andrew's musical journey began when he first learned how to hold a drumstick in fifth grade, and from that point onward, it was history in the making.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Science in Education, both earned at Western Carolina University. During his time there, he excelled as the front ensemble section leader, jazz band rhythm section leader, and principal percussionist of the wind ensemble.


Since his college days, Andrew has continued to shine as a percussionist, performing regularly with multiple local artists, lending his talent to the Asheville and Western Piedmont symphonies, and contributing as a church musician in his local congregation.


For the past eight years, Andrew has dedicated his professional career to teaching students ranging from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. Currently, he serves as the Director of Instrumental Music at Legacy Middle School and as the Director of Percussion at Independence High School.

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