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Our Objective:

Join us in building a healthier and stronger band program that includes more students, parents, and community members.


Our mission is to create a challenging and unique music experience for IHS and our community.


Our Values

What do we stand for?

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High Performance

We are committed to delivering a professional-level experience for all. Passionate performances and excellence in all aspects drive us. We empower students to become their best selves and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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Our program thrives on hard work and determination. We cultivate a growth mindset that instills grit in students. Striving for excellence in everything we do is our hallmark.

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We push the boundaries of traditional band programs. Our goal is to create dynamic and original show designs that challenge conventions and captivate audiences.

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We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is valued. Our team is united in pursuit of a common goal.


Our IHS Band Program is comprised of distinct units – Band and Guard – operating within a unified framework. While separate, these units are integral parts of the larger IHS Band.



Directors Roles:

  • Encourage and support ALL students.

  • Uphold and reinforce IHS Band Program values.

  • Plan and prepare.

  • Guide students' safety and well-being.

  • Ensure success in all program aspects.


Staff Roles:

  • Encourage and support ALL students.

  • Uphold program values.

  • Plan and be prepared.

  • Embrace students at all levels and nurture growth.

Parent Roles:

  • Emotionally, verbally, physically, and financially support students and the IHS Band Program.

  • Volunteer and contribute fees.

  • Encourage students and respect schedules and families.


Student Roles:

  • Uphold core values academically, physically, verbally, and socially.

  • Encourage and support fellow students.

  • Represent the community positively.

  • Strive for excellence every day.

  • Respect all staff, parents, and students.


How do we do it?

Concert Ensembles:

  • Increase participation and buy-in.

  • Offer lessons to all.

  • Provide quality equipment.

  • Expand community performances.

  • Aim for national-level recognition.

Guard (Fall & Winter):

  • Develop a unique identity.

  • Cultivate culture with core values.

  • Focus on discipline.

Marching Band:

  • Embrace core values.

  • Strengthen school and community relationships.

  • Respect students' commitments.

  • Create cost-effective ensemble.

  • Cultivate a unique, engaging experience.

Game Day Live:

  • Become nationally recognized.

  • Set the standard each year.

  • Embed into band program, school, and community culture.

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Our Goals

  • Achieve state, regional, and national program status.

  • Become synonymous with excellence in school and community.

  • Be an inclusive program for all.

  • Set a model for Williamson County and the State.

  • Offer a unique experience unmatched by others.

  • Establish IHS Band as a sought-after institution.

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