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Game Day Live Ensemble

Get ready to elevate the energy and excitement with our exclusive Game Day Live Pep Band! This audition-only ensemble is set to team up with our spirited cheerleaders, delivering an electrifying experience like no other. From February 8 to 12, 2024, we're taking the spectacle to Disney World, where the power of our 40-person live band will harmonize seamlessly with dynamic cheer routines, transforming the atmosphere into an unforgettable burst of energy.

To be part of this exhilarating journey, here are the Game Day Live Ensemble details you need to know:

  • Fees: The total cost of Game Day Live is $1400, and it's a requirement for participation in the ensemble.

  • Payment Schedule: You can pay this fee in installments due by the first of each month:​

    • October: $600

    • November: $300

    • December: $300

    • January: $200

  • Non-Refundable: Please note that this fee is non-refundable.

  • Travel: Keep in mind that travel expenses are not included in this cost, and all travel arrangements are handled by the parents.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the Game Day Live Pep Band and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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2023 0211 GDL Comp 5636_webres.jpg

Game Day Live Ensemble details

Attendance Policy

The Game Day Live Ensemble is our top marching ensemble at IHS. It is made up of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking students. It is expected that GDL is your top extracurricular priority.

Late to a rehearsal or performance:

  • Students are expected to be on time to start rehearsals.

  • The start time of the event is the start time NOT when you should show up.

  • Students should show up at least 30 minutes before the start of a rehearsal.

  • Performances will have a scheduled call time for students to show up.

Absences from a rehearsal and performance:

  • Students are expected to be at ALL rehearsals and performances. Anything that can be scheduled should be scheduled around all rehearsals and performances.

  • Any unexcused rehearsal or performance absence could result in you not being eligible to participate. Frequent absences will result in a parent conference to discuss future eligibility in the organization. 

  • Homework and grades are not a valid excuse for missing a rehearsal or performance.

  • Frequent requests to miss, may result in you being pulled from the ensemble.

  • Please note, if new material was taught, we may ask you to sit out a performance for the safety of the other performers.

  • Emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis. Parents should email in the event of an emergency as soon as possible.

Parents and students should work together to ensure they are at every rehearsal and performance at the correct time or communicating absences.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi


Behavior Expectations
  • The IHS Band Program is the most public organization on campus. We perform in our community and at national level contests representing Independence HS, Thompson’s Station, Williamson County, the state of Tennessee, the Southeast region, and beyond. Because of this, students are expected to behave with the highest standard in mind at all times on and off the floor.

  • Students in the IHS Band Program are expected to not engage in any negative behavior while they are an IHS Band student.

  • We leave places better than we found them.

  • We take care of and hold each other’s actions accountable.

  • Repercussions for students who choose to behave in a way not indicative of the IHS Band GDL Ensemble will result in being removed from the ensemble.


Uniform rules
  • Every rehearsal and performance will have a uniform of some kind. This will be communicated to your students.

  • Keep your uniform clean.

    • Be careful when eating and drinking.

  • When in the eyes of the public, you are always in uniform of some kind.

    • The director will let you know what that uniform is prior to any performance.

  • No one gets to wear parts of your uniform.

    • If they have not gone through the rehearsals and put in the work, they do not get to wear the uniform. This includes significant others, siblings, parents, family members, and friends. It is your uniform not theirs.

  • You will always hang up your uniform the correct way and put it back neatly in your garment bag and uniform room


Rehearsal Expectations
  • Show up early! At least 30 minutes before the start of rehearsal

  • Be prepared!

    • Water

    • Music 

    • Binder

    • Instrument

    • Pencil

    • Journal

  • Wear the proper attire

  • Treat all staff with respect

  • Be there to rehearse not to socialize



Our #1 focus is the competition. While Disney is a part of this trip, our focus is on our performances and supporting our IHS Family. We will go to the park if there is time, but please know that we will always choose supporting Independence HS, rehearsal, or our performance over going to a park. 


School Excused

For the first time, this trip is considered a field trip, so students will be excused for this trip.


  • Families are expected to arrange their own travel.

  • Anything needed for the performances will be put on a trailer and transported down. This includes:

    • GDL Uniform

    • Instruments

    • Props

  • Students will be told what to wear each day we are down there.

    • This includes to the parks.

General Disney Schedule:
  • Thursday:

    • Arrive at noon

    • Rehearse

    • Go to rooms to change

    • Team dinner at Disney Springs (Dressy Attire)

    • Time in Disney Springs

  • Friday:

    • Park Day

    • Rehearse

    • Extended Hours

    • Watch our Cheer teams

  • Saturday:

    • Prelims performance

    • Watch our Cheer teams

  • Sunday:

    • Finals performance

    • Awards: White jackets

    • Watch our Cheer teams

    • Optional: extended hours

  • Monday:

    • Go home

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